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Thomas N Salzano

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game played all over the world. “Although cricket was not among very favorite games in the USA, the game is now embraced by many people with a new vision for sports,” says Thomas N Salzano, a cricket coach and sports blogger. With the rising notoriety of the game, American cricket has started to own influence on the global sport. Today, cricket is being played in all the 50 states of America.

Thomas N Salzano is a crazy cricket lover and has launched this website for his love for cricket. He is hopeful to expose the world’s second most loved game (soccer being the first) to children and youngsters in the United States.

Glimpse of his cricket coaching can be seen on this website in his blog posts related to the practice sessions. Thomas N Salzano writes about the techniques and safety measures during the practice sessions. The young players can read the blogs to take guidance and motivation through his stories about cricket and contact him for professional guidance. 


This website will show you a great collection of blogs related to motivation, love for cricket, practice sessions insights, career options and tips related to cricket. Thomas N Salzano says,he loves to write about cricket” and this is the reason he started writing blogs on cricket so that he could share and connect with cricket lovers all around the world.

Thomas N Salzano Cricketer


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Thomas N Salzano

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