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“Practice makes a man perfect, is a right quote but the practice should be in the right direction,” says Thomas N Salzano an experienced cricketer and coach. Thomas while interacting with a student over a phone call noticed that the little boy was not sure about what kind of cricket practice will help him improve his skills.

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Thomas Salzano felt the need to guide the aspiring cricketers and to answer the question, “What kind of cricket practice will work best to improve your Skills?” and listed down his points for explanation:

Practice with your Squad: for the new players, it’s the best way to start the practice. Mainly the players prefer to join an academy to practice and learn in a group. A squad practice enables you to play with a full team and utilize your time efficiently.

It’s the only format in which you can work on your middle ground practice and team fielding practice to enhance your skills.

One to One net session: if you are facing issues with the team practice format then one to one session is the best way to keep your practice going. Ask your coach to schedule such sessions for you so that you and your coach can work personally on your skills and improvement.

Such sessions are important and should be scheduled at least once every month for all players.

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The small ground net: such groups have 2-5 players for practice sessions. The batsman can work on his batting skills against the bowling machine, and the bowler can do the target practice and even work on his batting skills.

 Such middle group practices make it easy for the coach to guide and the new players to bond and gain confidence.

The above-mentioned methods are followed by Thomas N Salzano while his cricket practice session with his students. He says,” I always work on the confidence level of the player, even in the practice session.” Thomas Salzano adds by saying that “a player should be confident about his game and rest is all strategy and practice.”

Thomas N Salzano – Cricket Practice
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