Thomas N Salzano – Bowling Practice To Build Bowling Stamina

Thomas N Salzano love Cricket

“Stamina is the force that everyone should have, especially a player,”says Thomas N Salzano a renowned cricket coach. In his cricket career,
Thomas N Salzano has always worked on improving his stamina and advice the same to all his students.

Thomas N Salzano love Cricket

Being a cricket coach Thomas N Salzano thought of sharing his tips on “ How to build bowling stamina” with the young aspiring bowlers. Here are some tips :

#1 Be focused and committed

The first tip is to be committed to your game and to the performance. It’s important for you to realize that you want to become a bowler at first. Then make a plan and set a goal keeping in mind that the plan should be realistic and achievable. Establish a routine and move forward with a more particular element of boosting stamina.

#2 Put efforts to be Lean

If you are a fast bowler than you don’t need to have a low level of body fat. It’s about being lean by staying healthy. For a bowler, it is advisable to balance his carbs and add protein to his diet like fish and lots of vegetables.

#3 Get Tough

For a bowler, it’s important to make his body more resistant to injury. The training should focus on overcoming the fatigue of a long bowing spell. The gym training sessions should include squats and deadlifts. Special attention should be paid to the improvement of the back health of a bowler.

Thomas N Salzano Bowling

#4 Get strong

The goal should not be to increase the pace but to maintain the existing pace. The training session in the gym should include throwing medicine ball and sprint.

“To learn and grow is part of every training process but to work on the desired outcome should always be in the priority list,” says Thomas N Salzano. A bowler should work on his stamina during his bowling practice to keep a check on his performance, that’s what Thomas Salzano feels is important for every bowler.

Thomas N Salzano – Bowling Practice To Build Bowling Stamina

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