Thomas N Salzano: Basic Cricket Rules That You Must Know

Each sport has some basic rules that are important and the basic guideline from your coach will be to always follow these rules says, Thomas N Salzano a cricket coach. As we talk about one of the most popular sports like cricket it is important not only for the players to know about the rules but also the cricket lovers be aware of the same.

Here is a list of the basic rules of cricket shared by Thomas for all the cricket fans and aspiring cricketers:

Thomas N Salzano Cricketer

About Players

  • There are two teams and each team has 11 players on the field.
  • These 11 players have various roles in the team from batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers.
  • Among the 11 players, 1 player is the Captain of the team who represents the team


  • Scoring in cricket matches depends upon two elements – the number of runs scored and the number of wickets lost by each team.
  • Extra runs come in four main varieties known as “wides ball”, “no ball”, “byes”, and “leg byes.”
  • One run is awarded for a wide ball by the umpire, one or two-runs can be awarded by for a no-ball, whereas the leg byes are the award when the ball strikes part of the batsman’s body rather than his bat.
Thomas N Salzano Bowling

Other Important Rules in Cricket

  • An over consists of 6 consecutive legal deliveries bowled and the bowler must bowl 6 legal deliveries to constitute an over.
  • During the cricket game, there must be two umpires stood at either end of the wicket.
  • A batsman can be given out by either
  • Being bowled that means the ball hits the stumps
  • By ball being caught which means the fielder catches the ball without it bouncing on the field.
  • Leg before wicket that means the ball hits the batsmen’s pads impeding its line into the stumps
  • Stumped when the wicketkeeper strikes the stumps with their gloves while the batsman is outside of their crease
  • Hit wicket when the batsman hits their own wicket
  • Handled ball when the batsmen handle the cricket ball on purpose
  • Time out when the player fails to reach the crease within 30 seconds of the previous batsman leaves the field
  • Hit the ball twice and obstruction.
Thomas N Salzano Cricketer

The above-listed rules are the common rules that are followed in every game of cricket, whether it is the World Cup or any T20 cricket.  So now that you know the rules of the game it’s time to watch the game with more interest and knowledge says, Thomas N Salzano.

Thomas N Salzano: Basic Cricket Rules That You Must Know

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