Thomas N Salzano – Tips for Fast Bowling in Cricket

As a bowler, you would definitely wish to polish your fast bowling skill or else in simple terms would prefer to be counted among the fast bowlers. To become a fast bowler you need to follow the right technique says Thomas N Salzano a cricket coach.

Bowlers either prefer spin bowling or fast bowling as these two are major delivery styles in the sport of cricket. Yes, it is true that if a team has a fast bowler, the competitive advantage of the team is high as the fast bowler is the asset for the team.

tips for fast bowling in cricket

To be perfect with your bowling skill you need to practice as it is not that easy to become a fast bowler. Training help in this case, where your coach and your team play a major role to achieve the professionalism required.

Here are some tips by Thomas N Salzano on “How to be a good fast bowler”

  1. Work on your Delivery
  • This includes the way in which you hold the ball for greater accuracy and control.
  • Always keep a firm grip on the ball and don’t hold it too tight as it can cause the muscles in your arm & shoulder to tense up resulting in stunting your delivery.
  • Make your run a perfect one by starting your run-up from the same point every time, mark the spot on the pitch and prefer a short run-up.
  • Work on the movements of your wrist by trying not to lock your wrist. Always keep your write facing upwards.
  • Focus on making an effort to put the same amount of intensity in every delivery as you continue to refine your technique.

2. To become a fast bowler, you first need to master the basic bowling skills

  • Practice bowing and the basics of bowing like set a target on the ground where you want the ball to bounce, you can also set up a single stump to aim for in every practice session.
  • Learn to bowl swing and for that prefer a new ball. Hold the ball along the sem and release it with the seam pointing in the direction of the swing.
  • Practice Yorkers. It is the ball delivery by the bowler that hits the cricket pitch around the batsman’s feet. This skill should be mastered by every bowler before moving on to technical fast bowling skills. 

3. Be mentally alert during the game

  • You need to study the batsman carefully and bring variation in your bowling technique. Alter your line, length, and speed to study the batsman and maybe you get a chance to pick his/her weakness and win the wicket.
  • Always stay focused during the entire game. You know the fact that the game can last for hours so mentally prepare yourself for the game and be mentally prepared for last-minute changes.
Thomas N Salzano Bowling

4. Exercise to Condition your Body

  • Cardio exercises are important for a bowler so schedule a standard time like 150 minutes of moderate cardio and 40-50 mins of vigorous cardio.
  • Weight training can also help to increase your strength so prefer lifting weights or resistance training to increase your muscle strength.
  • Last but not least, eat a healthy diet.

Bowlers need to work constantly on their skills by keeping in mind the importance of training that Includes muscle training and strengthening is what Thomas Salzano suggests to all the blowers especially the aspiring ones.

Thomas N Salzano – Tips for Fast Bowling in Cricket

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