Thomas N Salzano: Popularity of Cricket

Cricket is one of the popular sports especially in countries like India, England, and Australia. Although cricket was very famous in the United States, the popularity dwindled during the Civil War, says Thomas N Salzano, a cricket expert, and a blogger.

Thomas N Salzano Cricketer

As a fact cricket is the world’s second most popular sport after soccer across the world, whereas countries like India have made cricket list as the most popular sport in the country. Not just India but there are many other countries that have a big fan following for cricket namely Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Trinidad, and Tobago, South Africa and New Zealand.

Now let’s look at some reasons behind the popularity of cricket:

Many players say that one big reason for the popularity of the sport is that it is easy to play.

According to many experts and senior players, cricket is an easy and most engaging sport which adds to the reasons that make it popular. Some players even explain their love for cricket as a fun game when they started playing it in their earlier days that gradually became their goal and a career choice.

It’s just a ball and a bat that can do the magic, you start as an entertainment sport and finally fall in love with the games that encourage you to play the game under the rules and soon you master it, says Thomas Salzano.

It’s a game for both men and women now

Earlier cricket was played by men and not a sport for women but as time passed by and people became more aware and enthusiastic about sports we saw many games where women took a lead and started participating in almost every sport including cricket which made it more popular.

The Legends made it more popular

When we talk about legends, we mean the cricketers of different countries who are famous because of their performance in cricket. Ye, it’s true the game became more popular with the rising popularity of the cricketers. The name and fame earned through cricket made these cricketers count among the famous people that encouraged the young generation to choose cricket as a career.

Supported by the Government

Yes, cricket gets a lot of support from the government that adds to the popularity of the game. India is one such example where cricket is a famous sport and gets the required support from all including the government, people of the country and the sports authorities of the country.

Thomas N Salzano Cricketer

The popularity of the Cricketers in terms of advertisements and sponsors

Another face of cricket is the popularity and the endorsement opportunities lined up just after your great performance in the official game. Cricketers who are part of the cricket teams also get opportunities to advertise and endorse products and earn a lot from these opportunities.

No. of tournaments

Yes, tournaments or championships also count as there are so many that are organized for the cricket lovers like T20, IPL, ICC Cricket World cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Asian Cup and many more add to the popularity of the game.


There is no doubt that India leads in terms of cricket popularity but the fact is also true that now almost all the countries have considered cricket as a popular sport. Popularity depends upon performance and cricket as a sport is performing and entertaining millions from the past so many years that has resulted in the popularity of the game says, Thomas Salzano.

There may be other reasons that made cricket so popular but the current scenario clearly shows that there is no stop to the popularity graph of cricket.

Thomas N Salzano: Popularity of Cricket

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