Thomas N Salzano: Interesting Facts About Cricket That Each Cricket Lover Will Enjoy

Is cricket your favorite sport? If yes then here are some interesting facts about cricket that will excite you for sure. Thomas N Salzano one of the passionate followers of cricket says that cricket has a fascinating history that as a cricket fan you must know.

Although, the internet is full of information related to cricket news, rules and regulation, and many more important aspects of the game. Just like other sports, cricket also has an amazing history and facts that made the game so popular and inspiring.

So here are some interesting facts shared by Thomas Salzano that will add to your knowledge about cricket: 

Historical Facts About Cricket 
  • Did you know that the first game of cricket that was ever recorded took place in 1646?
  • History’s longest cricket match was played in 1939 between England and South Africa. That cricket match lasted for 14 days, and even after 2 weeks the game still was not over with England needing 42 more runs to win.
The Test Match

A test match consists of a single match that can last up to 5 days. Test match is a long-form of the game that dates back to the 1870s and was considered as the primary and traditional way for the game to be played. 


The Twenty20 cricket style of game was introduced in 2003. It’s a twenty over game which is estimated to finish in about a 3 to 4-hour window. The new style of the cricket game Twenty20 has attracted many audiences and improved the performance of the cricketers which is why this is so popular.

Cricket in Olympics
  • The first time when cricket appeared in the Olympics was in 1896 in Athens, but the competition did not occur as there were not enough teams to compete.
  • Did you know that cricket has been played at the Olympics? A cricket tournament was played as a part of the 1900 summer Olympics that took place on 19-20 August at the Velodrome de Vincennes.
Some More Interesting Facts
  • Did you know that Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi (Grandfather of a famous Indian Bollywood start, Saif Ali Khan) is the only cricketer to play test cricket for India and England?
  • Another interesting fact about cricket is that there is only one law of Cricket to date that has not changed or even modified i.e. the length of the pitch.
  • Did you know that the six balls over was first introduced in 1900?
  • Do you know about Jim Laker? He was the first bowler to take 10 wickets in a Test inning.
  • Four Stumps Fact. An experimental game was played at the Lords in 1963 to look at the efforts of adjusting 2 features of cricket i.e. the size of the wicket and the LBW rule. This was done to create a wicket of the width 11 inches rather than 9 inches. They used 4 stumps for this match.

These were some less known but surely the interesting facts related to cricket shared by Thomas N Salzano. Cricket is a game that unites so many of us and when it comes to rules the majority of us are aware of them.

But not the facts, right? So do read and enjoy the cricket facts shared by Thomas and enhance your knowledge about your favorite game i.e. “Cricket.”

Thomas N Salzano: Interesting Facts About Cricket That Each Cricket Lover Will Enjoy

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