Thomas Salzano – Top 7 Largest Cricket Stadium in the World

Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the world. Along with that, it is one of the most-watched sports. This sport has been followed by millions of people worldwide. With the advancement of technology now people can watch the match from their smartphones. But still, cricket fans are crazy to watch the match in the stadium.

In this article, Thomas Salzno is going to share the name of the world’s top 7 largest cricket stadiums.

According to Thomas Salzano, watching matches in different cricket stadiums is really a different fun. If you are one of them who loves to watch cricket matches in the stadium then you can check out this blog. It will help you to find your nearby largest stadium.

Let’s get started:

Sardar Patel Stadium/ Motera Cricket Stadium

Sardar Patel Stadium is also known by the name Motera Cricket Stadium, this stadium is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Sardar Patel Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world with the seating capacity of 1.10 lacs spectators. The first ODI Cricket match played between India & Australia in 1984.

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Built: 1982

Spectators capacity : 1.10 lacs

Construction cost: 700 crores INR

Melbourne Cricket Ground 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is located in Melbourne, Victoria. It is the world’s biggest Cricket stadium having a capacity of 100024 spectators. The first cricket match in this stadium was played in 1954 while the first intercolonial cricket match was played between Victoria & New South Wales in 1956.

Located: Melbourne, Australia

Built: 1853

Spectator Capacity: 1, 00,024

Construction cost: 700 crores INR

Eden Gardens

Eden Garden cricket stadium is located in Kolkata, India. The stadium is the oldest and India’s 2nd largest cricket Stadium. Eden Garden is the headquarters of Bengal Cricket association. The first test match was played in 1934 between India vs England.This stadium is most popular in India.

Located: Kolkata, India

Built: 1864

Spectator Capacity: 66,349

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh stadium is located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. It is the 3rd largest cricket stadium in India. In 2010 the first International Standard cricket match was played between the National cricket team of Canada and Chhattisgarh Ranji team.

Located: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Built: 2008

Spectator Capacity: 55,000

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket stadium is located in Hyderabad. The first cricket match was played between India and New Zealand in 2010 as a test match. The stadium is the home ground of Sunrise Hyderabad.

Located: Hyderabad, India

Built: 2003

Spectator Capacity: 60,000

Thomas Salzano - Cricket Ground

Greenfield International Stadium 

The Greenfield International Stadium is located in Kerala. This stadium is also used for football matches. The first cricket match was held in 2017 between India & New Zealand.

Located: Trivandrum, India

Built: 2014

Spectator Capacity: 55,000

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is located in Kochi, India. The name of this stadium is based on the first prime minister of India.  The first ODI cricket match was held in 1998 between India and Australia. This Stadium is also used for football sports.

Located: Kochi, India

Built: 1996

Spectator Capacity: 55,000


Thomas Salzano is a big fan of cricket, he loves to play and watch cricket matches. He is crazy about watching the cricket match in the stadium. Which stadium is your favorite? Share the name of your favorite cricket stadium via the comment section.

Thomas Salzano – Top 7 Largest Cricket Stadium in the World

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