Month: May 2021

Thomas N Salzano: The Names of 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World

Women cricket is a new sensation in the world of cricket, especially among the young generation, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cricketer, and a sports blogger. We have many countries that have their own women cricket team with popular players known for their performance and achievements as a cricketer. Being a cricketer, Thomas N Salzano feels it is motivating when people say that they know you and admire you, especially for your talent.  As a fan of the super talented women cricketers, here is a list of some top women cricketer in the world shared by Thomas that you will be amazed to know about: Sana Mir ( Captain Team Pakistan )  Shashikala Siriwardene ( Sri Lanka) Meghann Moira […]

Thomas N Salzano: List of Young Cricketers with Great Potential

New entries in the team are always exciting, with lots of eyes on them to perform well and become an asset for the team, says Thomas N Salzano, a cricketer by profession and a sports blogger. Cricket being a popular sport has always been in the news especially when it comes to new entries in the team. Each team has a young player who is more popular than the senior players in the team. This is because of the player’s great performance and potential to perform even better, says Thomas N Salzano. The young talent always surprises us with their talent and on-field performance.  Here is a list shared by Thomas JN Salzno of young crickets that have great potential […]

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