Thomas N Salzano: Best Fielding Tips in Cricket of Aspiring Cricketers

“Good fielding can be a turning point in the match,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cricket and a sports blogger. Generally, we do not talk much about fielding, especially fielding tips, as we concentrate on batting and balling.

But to win a game your fielding strategy should be perfect with good fielders making it tough for your opponents to touch the boundary. Today in this article, Thomas N Salzano has shared some tips for better fielding to help aspiring cricketers working on their skills.

Thomas N Salzano Cricketer
  • Be alert all the time when you are on the field
  • Practice Hitting the stumps, even if your focus is to be a good bowler
  • Aim to throw the ball into the recipients’ hands, practice this with your team and build strong communication that will help you during the match
  • As an aspiring cricketer, you need to start backing up your teammates. This is one of the best practice for fielding
  • Practice Forming a long barrier and do not keep yourself confined
  • Make sure your hand position is correct when taking catches
  • Be focused to be better in all fields related to cricket, be it bowling or batting or fielding. Set yourself a high standard in the field
  • Practice the basics of long throwing right

These are some of the basic fielding tips that all cricketers must master. Thomas N Salzano says that you are an evergreen asset for your team if you are a good fielder. Also, its practice and how attentive you are during the match adds to your better fielding skills. So take out enough time to become a good fielder and not just a good bowler or a batsman.

Thomas N Salzano: Best Fielding Tips in Cricket of Aspiring Cricketers

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