Thomas N Salzano Cricketer

Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano is a New Jersey based crazy cricket lover and the game coach. The 38 years old cricket blogger developed his love for cricket at the age of 7. His uncle (brother of his Indian-origin mother) used to play cricket with him on every weekend. 

On his 10th birthday, his uncle gifted him a cricket kit that fueled his devotion for cricket. This was the turning point in Thomas’s life.

Today, Thomas is doing what he loves most: playing cricket and coaching cricket lovers. So far, he has played for 70+ small clubs and written numerous blogs on cricket. “My love for cricket will die with me. Currently, my favorite batsman is AB De Villiers and Rashid Khan is my number one bowler,” quotes Thomas N Salzano. He often travels to various destinations to watch cricket matches.

He is passionate about cricket and loves to share his knowledge about cricket with others. He is also a good critic and keeps sharing his views on the world cup matches and the T-20 matches with his students. People call him “the cricket newsletter” as he is full of knowledge about cricket and keeps himself updated with what’s new in the world of cricket.

Thomas is well-known for his dedication as a cricket coach. His time management skills and the way he motivates others is what inspires others to be like him. Thomas N Salzano has set an example for all by balancing his personal and professional life as a cricket coach, a blogger, a photographer and a traveler.

Thomas says,” Life gave me so many opportunities to try and excel in life, and I am glad that I could convert a few opportunities into my strengths.”

Thomas N Salzano Bowling
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