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Thomas N Salzano: How to become a successful cricketer

Turning into a decent cricket player needs a couple of things that you should have in you. Certain individuals feel that they need cash to be a decent cricket player, yet I would be separated from those who have devotion, persistence, abilities, and trust in you. Read this post by Thomas N Salzano to become a professional and successful cricketer.  In the event that you have these things as a part of your character, it’s not possible for anyone to stop you from turning into a fruitful cricketer in your life. Indeed, here I will discuss the ways by which you can work on your game and you can turn into a decent cricket player. We as a whole realize cricket […]

Thomas N Salzano: Is There Any Difference Between Men’s Cricket and Women’s Cricket?

“The popularity of cricket is nothing new but these days the women’s cricket team is in the limelight with a vast fan base,” says Thomas N Salzano, a popular cricketer and a sports blogger. The growing interest of the audience and the young generation towards women’s cricket has made the audience more curious to know more about women’s cricket. One common question that is often put up is “is there any difference between men’s cricket and women’s cricket?” To answer this question and give you more clarity of the basic difference here is a list of differences shares by Thomas N Salzano: The weight of the ball in women’s cricket is between 139.98 to 150.61 grams. Whereas for men’s cricket […]

Thomas N Salzano: Best Fielding Tips in Cricket of Aspiring Cricketers

“Good fielding can be a turning point in the match,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cricket and a sports blogger. Generally, we do not talk much about fielding, especially fielding tips, as we concentrate on batting and balling. But to win a game your fielding strategy should be perfect with good fielders making it tough for your opponents to touch the boundary. Today in this article, Thomas N Salzano has shared some tips for better fielding to help aspiring cricketers working on their skills. Be alert all the time when you are on the field Practice Hitting the stumps, even if your focus is to be a good bowler Aim to throw the ball into the recipients’ hands, practice […]

Thomas Salzano: Best Cricket Bowlers of All Time

“The cricketers are no longer less than any international celebrity,” says Thomas Salzano, a professional cricketer and a sports blogger. People across the world have shown great interest in cricket which makes each and every detail of the game important for cricket enthusiasts. We usually talk about our favourite crickets but it’s only during the match that we pay attention to our outstanding bowlers that contribute equally to the match. Today in this article we will talk about the famous bowlers of all times as it’s worth knowing about these bowlers. Here is a list of best bowlers of all time shared by Thomas Salzano. Let’s take a look at them: Harbhajan Singh Rangana Herath Lasith Malinga Vernon Philander Abdul […]

Thomas N Salzano: The Basics About The Cricket Ball

“As aspiring cricketers we generally replace the cricket ball with a substitute, considering the cost and safety in the initial stage of training, which is a wrong practice,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cricketer.  Playing with the original cricket ball should be your priority as there are different factors that affect your performance if you use a substitute for the original cricket ball. The basic effect is on your performance if you use a substitute. So here are some details shared by Thomas N Salzano that will help you understand the basics of the original cricket ball used in the match. Material of the Ball Cork, string, and leather are used as material to manufacture the ball. Dimensions The […]

Thomas N Salzano: All About IPL

Cricket is one of the most engaging sports, loved by people of all generations, says Thomas N Salzano, a cricket expert and a popular sports blogger. Other than the World Cup there are many other cricket tournaments that are as popular as the World Cup. Among which IPL (Indian Premier League) that began in 2008, has successfully engaged the audience and has become one of the most awaited cricket tournaments for other cricket players, as well as cricket enthusiasts. Let’s gain more insights into IPL and what are the reasons for its gaining popularity, shared by Thomas N Salzano.  Introduction about IPL Indian Premier League (IPL) is a popular annual T20 cricket tournament that was introduced in the year 2008. […]

Thomas N Salzano: The Names of 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World

Women cricket is a new sensation in the world of cricket, especially among the young generation, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cricketer, and a sports blogger. We have many countries that have their own women cricket team with popular players known for their performance and achievements as a cricketer. Being a cricketer, Thomas N Salzano feels it is motivating when people say that they know you and admire you, especially for your talent.  As a fan of the super talented women cricketers, here is a list of some top women cricketer in the world shared by Thomas that you will be amazed to know about: Sana Mir ( Captain Team Pakistan )  Shashikala Siriwardene ( Sri Lanka) Meghann Moira […]

Thomas N Salzano: List of Young Cricketers with Great Potential

New entries in the team are always exciting, with lots of eyes on them to perform well and become an asset for the team, says Thomas N Salzano, a cricketer by profession and a sports blogger. Cricket being a popular sport has always been in the news especially when it comes to new entries in the team. Each team has a young player who is more popular than the senior players in the team. This is because of the player’s great performance and potential to perform even better, says Thomas N Salzano. The young talent always surprises us with their talent and on-field performance.  Here is a list shared by Thomas JN Salzno of young crickets that have great potential […]

Thomas N Salzano: Role of an Umpire in the Cricket Match

Cricket the world-class game is incomplete without an umpire, says Thomas N Salzano a professional cricketer and a famous sports blogger. The umpires are the most important players in cricket that are without bat and ball. They are the decision-makers of the game and hence without an umpire in the field the game won’t start. Basically, an umpire in cricket plays a crucial role. Digging deep in the history of the word “umpire” is from the old French word “Nompere” which means not equal (that is not a member of the teams). The umpire has the authority to make decisions on the cricket field, as per the International Laws of Cricket under ICC. The umpire not just makes decisions about […]

Thomas Salzano: Top 7 best Test Cricket Players

Thomas N Salzano is a cricket lover who lives in New Jersey, USA. He is a crazy fan of cricket sport, as a professional life Thoma working as a coach in a US-based sports academy. He always shares articles related to Cricket sports. Recently he wrote an article about the 7 best test Cricketers of all time. As per Thomas’s opinion, Cricket is the sport which entertains him every time. Whenever he feels bad or uncomfortable he tries to watch the cricket match to refresh their mood. In this article, he is sharing the name of the top 7 test cricket player. This list of best test cricketers is compiled after the research of every player on behalf of their […]

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