Thomas N Salzano – Bowling Practice To Build Bowling Stamina

“Stamina is the force that everyone should have, especially a player,”says Thomas N Salzano a renowned cricket coach. In his cricket career, Thomas N Salzano has always worked on improving his stamina and advice the same to all his students. Being a cricket coach Thomas N Salzano thought of sharing his tips on “ How to build bowling stamina” with the young aspiring bowlers. Here are some tips : #1 Be focused and committed The first tip is to be committed to your game and to the performance. It’s important for you to realize that you want to become a bowler at first. Then make a plan and set a goal keeping in mind that the plan should be realistic […]

Thomas N Salzano – His Journey Of Becoming A Cricketer

Cricket, not just a game but a moment which unites all, says Thomas N Salzano, a passionate cricketer. Thomas started playing cricket just for fun with his uncle when he was young. He never thought that the little bat and the ball will become his reason for deciding his career and defining his passion. Thomas N Salzano was just 7 years old when he started playing cricket. His interest in cricket turned into a passion when his uncle gifted him a cricket kit and started his training. He made him visit the Grainville Cricket Stadium to watch the practice session of the players and that was the moment when he wished to be a part of them. Thomas started watching […]

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